Read to Lead: After the Storm and Community in Crisis

Client: Classroom, Inc.

After the Storm and Community in Crisis place middle schoolers the in fictional city of Port Douglas – a community devastated by a hurricane. By leading the daily news website and running the community center, students assume a leadership role in the community and pick up literacy skills along the way.

Working with Classroom, Inc., FableVision Studios developed these two literacy learning games in the Read to Lead series to promote vocabulary, multi-media production, and editing, and work place readiness through real world simulations.

In the award-winning program After the Storm, students assumes the role of editor-in-chief of The Daily Byte, an online community news magazine. Through interacting with the staff, editing articles, and crafting 140 character tweets, the entire story of the storm and its cleanup efforts is posted by the player to The Daily Byte website.

In Community in Crisis, which takes place simultaneously to After the Storm’s story line, students serve as director of the Common Ground Community Center.  In this role, the player works to find food and shelter for displaced citizens, handle staff, and deal with an uncooperative client, and in some cases, practical jokers. Each episode in Community in Crisis is a self-contained story with unique conflicts to resolve. Students support their decisions in a short expository essay at the end of each episode.

Aligned to Common Core State Standards, the games encourage leadership skills and are used in classrooms with an interactive online portion and offline project-based materials. The TeacherTools dashboard allows educators to manage their students and classrooms holistically or by viewing each student in detail. FableVision has also implemented a custom set of user progress data that can be used for research.

Now available to play for free on BrainPop's GameUp site, Classroom, Inc.'s After the Storm: Day One is an abbreviated version of the game. The BrainPop version has a print feature for students to print their work and lesson plans.

A Peek Inside


  • 2015 Tech & Learning Magazine Awards of Excellence, New Products Award
  • 2015 International Serious Play Awards, Bronze award
  • 2015 AAP (Association of American Publishers) REVERE Awards: Finalist in Classroom category
  • 2015 Finalist, Academic Gaming Solution, EdTech Digest Cool Tool Awards 

Product: web-based interactive

Age Range: middle school

Tech Specs:  HTML5, Content Management System


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